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IGDCR - Engagement Model

The IGDCR works together with partners and associates, see the graphic below and the list of partners and associates on the bottom of this page.

You would like to become a Partner or Associate? Write us WHY ( and we will arrange a call.

IGDCR - Global Partners (listed alphabetically)

AiSight develops a solution utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the state of a machine in real-time, predict errors and dynamically regulate the machine parameters based on sensor data. The solution consists of both hardware and software components. The hardware, Aion, is an easy-to-install device that includes a variety of sensors and is optimized to allow Plug & Play installation within minutes without specialized expertise. The AiSight software uses machine learning models to value the condition of a machine, identify anomalies and determine causes of errors based on patterns and physical parameters in the sensor data.
Are we relevant tomorrow (arewereto)
Industry Transformation at any level
B.E.E. Advanced
Sales psychology demonstrated and exemplified for explanation-intensive products, services and solutions
Breton & Noble Consulting, Training, Assessment, Improvement, Quality Assurance, (Software - Project) Support and Compliance
Philippe Byl Smart, methodical, out of the box. Interdisciplinary think-tanks and workshops for digital-transformation and business-transformation.
digital value creators Digitizing Ecosystems
GHB Software GHB Software is a dedicated team of experienced IT contractors, fully engaged in delivering tailor-made solutions for customers around the world
GPerfect Building Smart Business Environments
Dr. Bernard Hietter Pulmonologist and opinion leader
Inndisus Innovation Consulting Geschäftsmodell und Strategie Co-Creation mit Fokus auf Exponentielle Organisationen
How to handle new technologies for digital transformation and industry 4.0
Michael Bayler
International thought leader and board advisor with high-level global experience across a wide range of sectors
monnet - Unternehmensentwicklung A new form of accounting: Income and expenses are recorded in an expanded income statement  - 
factors affecting success create value in the sense of adding value
Moving People Focusing on the inner work of transformation – with coaching and communication consulting
NeoSOFT Product Engineering Excellence - Building next-generation products, platforms & experience that connects with your customers
OCM Consulting LLC Dipa - digital personal assistant. We provide additional services in digital adoption. organizational change management and user training
PDAgroup PDAgroup is the consulting and training company that offers top expertise in the field of B2B solution sales and stands for first-class assistance for entrepreneurial activities through high-performance sales support “sales enablement and digital selling
Processline Consulting for complex change projects and operational support
Sphinx Worldbiz Limited Software Development, Product Development services
Telepresenz Increase remote and mobile team productivity by 30%+
ThinkPalm Technologies Private Limited A global product engineering and software services provider, focussed on enterprise and IoT, communication and artificial intelligence

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WerteFactory Supports companies at their journey to the new normal. Our core competencies: Company Vision + Business-Model-Innovation + Strategy and Transformation Consulting + Digital Leadership + GoToMarket

IGDCR - Global Associates (listed alphabetically)

Birgit Beimborn - Becker triple-b-consulting -
Localization, Global SAP Template Rollouts with focus on Brazil / Latin America incl. SAP Document Compliance /

Deniz Caliskan Associate
Dorian Celepija Finance and assurance
Joerg Dambold Blumenstock Finance as a Service for Start-Ups
Tim Gesang Associate
Michael Munz B.E.E. Advanced -  Sales from the ground up, thought out and put on the road together with your team
Özgur Özkul How to handle new technologies for digital transformation and industry 4.0
Jörg Summer B.E.E. Advanced -  Sales psychology demonstrated and exemplified for explanation-intensive products, services and solutions